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Ensuring the best quality

We ensure the best quality to our customers. How? Besides working with standardized production processes, we are equipped with the modern technology and the most accurate machines. One of the most important aspects of our production process is continuously testing for quality. We have very satisfied customers who have been loyal to us ever since we started running our business.

We are equipped with the most modern machines and use the latest technologies, in order to offer the best tools of the highest quality

Our production processes using the modern technologies

  1. Producing tools starts with making a CAD drawing in 3D/2D (SolidWorks). We accept product drawings in all kind of formats.
  2. We will optimize design proposal  with our customer.
  3. We will make precisely workable blocks from the sawn raw material. These blocks are milled at right angles and dimensions in our conventional department (sawing machine, turning machine, drilling machine, pre milling machine, flat grinding machine).
  4.  We use 2 CNC milling machines to remove most of the material and to make a good shape according to 3D model. (5x milling machine, 3x milling machine). For programming we are using CAM sofware (SolidCam).Watch our CNC milling video.
  5. Then the halfinished parts will be hardened in external company with quarantee of conditions.
  6. After heat treatment we are making grinding (flat or round) to obtaining requested tollerances and surface.
  7. Next step will be spark erosion cutting* or spark erosion cavity sinking** (wire cutting machine, spark erosion machine)
  8. Dies and moulds are assembled and tested for functionality and then . For testing we are using own testing line with excenter press and hydraulic press. We are able to make test in customers place on his production line
3* Milling Machine5* Milling Machine (inside)5* Milling Machine (outside)Wirecutting Machine

Spark erosion cutting is done using a wire. It is like fretworking through steel, even when the steel has been hardened (50-65 Rockwell C). Spark erosion cutting always results in a continuous hole, so this method is best suited to cutting dies, cores and holes. The process is extremely precise and may be conical, to a tolerance of approx. 0.01 mm. Although spark erosion cutting is a relatively long process, it runs fully automatically for 24 hours a day, resulting in a lightly roughened surface structure. The hole can be a maximum high of 260mm. Have you ever tried drilling a square hole? We can do it!

**In spark erosion cavity sinking, we use a copper form (electrode) to burn steel away. The hole created is an exact mirror image of the electrode. The resulting lightly roughened surface structure is given a VDI value:
34 = rough
24 = technically smooth
18 = smooth

Grinding SectionPreparation SectionPreparation SectionSparking Machine

More information?

Contact us for questions, inquiries or a round tour in our production plant. We will be happy to show our way of working towards the best quality.