Toolings for machines

Our products

We produce tools for metal products (progressive or single purpose) and moulds for small and large serial production. The tools and moulds are designed and manufactured for producing high quality products, short setting times, with standardized parts and a long life cycle.

For the manufacturing of the tools and moulds SWO Tooling is using high quality machines, skilled operators and experiences.For an efficient planning of the machines and employees SWO Tooling is using a database connected with digital BOM (bill of material). All parts which have to be produced are in database and in BOM. The programming of the machines is with CAM systems, SolidCam and D Cam 2016.


We produce toolings of different type of materials like:

  • Ferrous products – steel, galvanazing st., stainless st., springsteel
    • forming, bending, cutting, punching, embossing
  • Nonferrous products – aluminium, copper, plastic
    • forming, bending, cutting, punching, embossing

Production process

We offer complete solutions with the following steps in production:

  • product development
  • tool design
  • production of the tool
  • testing of the tool, and zero serie
  • support afterwards
    • maintenance
    • repairs
    • special demands

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