Toolings for machines


After the velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia, Suchánek senior and junior decided to found a new company. They bought premises in the little town of Horka u Staré Paky, where metal is processed. In those days, the Seco company focused on producing car accessories. Later on, under the leadership of Suchánek senior, barstools for German clients were added to production. At the end of 1990, Jan van Walraven appeared on the scene, in search of a clamp supplier. The first meeting resulted in clamp assembly being implemented in a separate division of Seco. And that is how Van Walraven started producing in Horka. Visits, orders and production saw a steady increase and in 1996 it was decided to subsume the production under the Walraven group as an independent company.


The Walraven Group evolved from the metalware factory J. van Walraven B.V., a family firm founded in Mijdrecht (NL) in 1942. The founder Jan van Walraven, grandfather of the present managing director, was actually a plumber. As building materials were very scarce in the years following World War II, he was forced to make his own pipe clamps and brackets. Today, the small-scale family firm has grown into an international business with its own production facilities and sales branches in many different countries. The Walraven Group employs over 600 staff in developing, manufacturing and selling innovative fixing systems, fire protection systems and sanitary systems.


Omefa started plastic injection moulding in 1975, before which it was an abrasive cloth factory and metal turning mill. Between 1975 and 1980, Omefa produced items that were all the rage, like waving hands, badges, miniature ornaments and smurfs. In 1978, a big fire razed the company’s premises to the ground. Around 1990, Michael and Dizzy Soederhuizen came to work for Omefa, gaining wide experience in all the company’s production areas. From 2000, Omefa began focusing completely on tooling and plastic injection moulding. The business underwent rapid development and professionalisation and was taken over by Dizzy (commercial director) and Michael (managing director). Omefa stopped producing metal items, focusing completely on plastic products and injection moulding. In 2004, Omefa moved to their current premises at Transportweg, in Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands.